We sell data cabling and telephone cabling in adelaide

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We strive to be the best in our field and hope to be the number one choice for customers in Adelaide in the domestic, commercial and industrial market sectors.

With years of cabling knowledge and experience amongst our cablers we are able to offer great advice and solutions.

We're proudly South Australian with a mission to provide all our clients with a smile on their face and a sense of value for their money.


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We sell data cabling in Adelaide and telephone cabling and security cabling


HID Global is the trusted leader in products, services and solutions related to the creation, management, and use of secure identities for millions of customers worldwide. Recognized for robust quality, innovative designs and industry leadership, HID Global is focused on creating customer value and is the supplier of choice for OEMs, integrators, and developers.

We sell data and phone cabling in Adelaide


It's the Bosch way since Robert Bosch started his company.  Innovation is what drives Bosch and has helped it succeeed for decades. 

We sell data phone and security cabling in Adelaide

Electronic Solutions

Options include magnetic locks, electric door strikes, card readers, toekn readers, bimetric (fingerprint) readers and more. Personal BYO devices such as mobile phones for access.

We sell data security and phone cabling in Adelaide

FSH & Kaba

FHS and Kaba are leaders in locks and locking systems. We only use locks from these two global manufacturers. If its a lock you need the we recommend one of these two.

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Access Control Items Available




Electric Strikes

Mag Strikes

Key Safes

Key Cabinets

Electronic Key Cabinets

Automotive Key Safes



Access Control Systems

Security access smart systems...

Looking for installing access control systems within your house, enterprise, or business? Cabletecs offers customized and high-quality security solutions according to the unique requirements of our clients. Other than access control system installation and Access Control integrations Adelaide, we also offer a variety of other services like Data Cabling Adelaide, Home Security Camera Installation, Commercial Access control Solutions, andSecurity Systems Adelaide.

Cabletecs is expert in supply and installation of different access control systems all through Adelaide. These systems can be used both in public and private areas to avoid unauthorized access, control, and monitor entry points. We have been working across Adelaide since years and our expert technicians have decades of experience of installing and commissioning these systems. So, we are a dependable choice for all types of access control systems.


Whether its secure access to your home or your business a good quality access control system can be worth the investment. If it's rerstricted access inside your premises or simply keeping unwanted visitors out of your home then Bosch has a system to suit.

In a nutshell...Access Control systems are designed to permit the free flow of authorised movement into any business or home, whilst denying entry to unwanted visitors and staff.

Access can be granted in many ways. A system is suitable for most applications. It could be a code pad input, a token or card reader, perhaps a biometric fingerprint scanner or one of the new BYO device systems where a mobile phone is scanned containing relevant access details.


Locks, readers, tags and cards...
There is a myriad of products available for access control. From the type of access to the method of access, whatever the product is, we can get it, install it and program it. Locks supplied by FSH and Kaba. Readers by HID, Bosch and Samsung. Tokens by HID and Bosch and Keypads by Sebury. All Cabletecs' products are supplied by world recognised companies. Our systems are installed to not only meet customers' needs but to last the test of time. Locks come in many varieties from the basic electric strike up to a large holding force electro-magnetic lock. We can secure all types of doors from wooden to aluminium to sliding glass doors. Biometric locks which read a person's finger prints are a sepcialty and a low cost alternative to a token or card type system. Depending on the size and type, iInstallations can be inside and outside, harsh dusty environments such as factories to marine type applications such as jetties and marinas.

Sebury Code Pad.  We sell data and phone cabliing in Adeaide

Keypads too!
Sometimes it's necessary to allow access remotely or for once off ocassions. Places such as storage warehouses, short term rental accommodation, after hours hotels, communal gardens and similar benefit more from a keypad system. The benfits to a keypad are that there are no lost keys, tags, tokens or cards. Access can be deleted easily when a user no longer needs access and/or if accidental lock out occurs. Having a PIN system means the access is in a user's head. Examples of installation by Cabletecs have been at domestic pedatrian gates where the only other access is by way of intercom release. Handy when you get caught out taking the bins out and the gate closes behind you.

Key Safes
We can supply and install simply manual key safes as well. Key safes are typically mounted somewhere discreet around the home or business where lock keys can be stored securely away to assist in access to a building with traditional mechanical locks. Typical scenarios where we install key safes are at homes where the resident is elderly. This allows more independence for elderly people providing peace of mind that should relatives or emergency services personnel need to gain access to the home, then by punching in the correct code, the safe can be opened and keys to the premises can be accessed.

Get Leading Access Control Systems Installed By Cabletecs

Access control tends to be a powerful technology which can improve the overall efficiency of a present security solution. It lets you control which part of a commercial or residential property can be accessed through the designated entry points as well as decide who and when can get access. Both our Domestic Access Control solutions and commercial access control solutions are second to none.

These security systems Adelaide can be installed to either control just one door or a larger system can be created and installed for controlling many gates. We also have expertise in Multi-story Access control Installations and Multi-story Access control Integrations solutions. Cabletecs offer simple yet effective access control systems for homes and businesses to assist monitor who access which place and when. We perform high-quality Access Controls Installations Adelaide and access control integrations Adelaide – offering you the highest levels of security protection along with selective access restrictions.

  • Get professional advice on integrated access control systems
  • Ongoing support and training offered after installation for use of access control
  • Expert access control system installation for both businesses and homes.

Get Your Access Control System Installed by Our Access Control Integration Specialists

Are you unsure about which access control system will be perfect for you? We have consultants that can meet you and explain the major differences between different access control systems and also guarantee that your house is protected according to your present lifestyle.

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