We sell data cabling and telephone cabling in adelaide

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We strive to be the best in our field and hope to be the number one choice for customers in Adelaide in the domestic, commercial and industrial market sectors.

With years of cabling knowledge and experience amongst our cablers we are able to offer great advice and solutions.

We're proudly South Australian with a mission to provide all our clients with a smile on their face and a sense of value for their money.


All About Fibre Optic:

We sell data cabling in Adelaide and telephone cabling and security cabling

Multimode Fibre

German designed and backed but our boards are made right here in Australia.  Every time you buy Bosch Security systems you're buying a job in Australia

We sell data and phone cabling in Adelaide

Single Mode Fibre

It's the Bosch way since Robert Bosch started his company.  Innovation is what drives Bosch and has helped it succeeed for decades. 

We sell data phone and security cabling in Adelaide

NBN Fibre

We are equipped to repair and replace internal NBN fibre cabling in homes and businesses.  We carry cable and connectors for the standard NBN FTTH systems.

We sell data security and phone cabling in AdelaideWe sell data security and phone cabling in Adelaide

Do I Need Fibre?

When running data over 100m, it's critical to consider an alternative to Cat 5e/6/7 copper cabling.  Fibre optic cable is one such solution which is now an affordable option.

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Optical Fibre Termination and Installations

Fibre optic cables are known to deliver great advantages of companies of every size. The reliability, speed, security, bandwidth, and signal strength offered by them cannot be beat by the outdated broadband Internet options. Moreover, optical fibre is lighter, less expensive, and is generally simple to maintain compared to the traditional cable lines. This makes them an excellent option for your business. As an optical fibre termination Adelaide and optical fibre installation Adelaide company, we wish you to be fully satisfied with the new cabling infrastructure. That is why all our experts are fully trained and experienced to install, terminate, and test optical fibre in the right way always.


Light Speed (so to speak)

We can install all commercial grade optic fibre as well as in home solutions if your budget stretches. With a range of options available to us we can install MultiMode or Single Mode fibre optic cables.

Connection on site                                           
We can install your cabling and then install the ends on site or we can supply pre-made and tested fibre optic cables.  


Having Trouble with your NBN Optical Fibre connection?

We offer NBN fibre optic installation in adelaide, NBN relocations, New build Provisions and Repairs.


We repairs your fibre runs depending on the damage and type of cale. We stock a termination kit that will allow use to place fibre connector ends on SC, LC fibre cables for both multimode and sinlge mode fibre cables.  We carry fibre and ends for standara NBN installations in Australia.

We can also supply fibre trays, media converters, fibre patch leads and more. Please ask us how we can help you with your next fibre optic installation.

we sell fibre optic cabling in Adelaide data cabling

We are flexible in our supplier and this means we can be flexible in our cost to the end user. Our suppliers offer a range of products and brands with fibre optic.


Commercial and Industrials Fibre Work
Testing by LPS and OTDR.
Terminate and Splicings.
Supply Test Reports and Certifications.

Data Cabling, Cooper and Fibre Optic Installations, Network Racks Planing and Deployment

Cabletecs offer data network fitouts and Structure deployments in commercials and industrial Sectors, We can help with Structure design, Planing and Devlopments in the new and also existing buildings like, schools, Shopping centers, Community centers, Hospitals, Age cares and more. in order to create the future proof data cabling installtions. we can also supply and install the security systems, access controls and cctv cameras, wireless network solutions and more. cabletecs can install fibre optic network extentions racks and provide fibre optic splicing, terminations along with the best quality products and services.

Optical Fibre Cable Installation

We can install and service both single-mode fibers and multi-mode fibers. We use the latest splice-on optical fiber cable connections that guarantee the minimum possible db loss during Fibre Installation Adelaide. Our technicians are also great in customer owned exterior plant methods and standards for interlinking every low-voltage system in your campus.

Our optical cable installation service can offer you the resources you need to create or expand your network. We will help you select the right designs, hardware, and technologies that can fit in your business needs.

ONU and ONT placements for FTTP projects

Emergency maintenance agreements

Premise wiring for a FTTP project

Network audit service


Optical Fiber Termination

Successful optical Fibre Termination Adelaide should lead to great optical performance with minimum reflectance and low loss along with delivering high mechanical strength. That is why, Cabletecs has standardized on the basic alignment fusion splicing regardless of the fiber optic connection you have. We can help you decide on the best kind of connection for your projects and guarantee that every termination is properly done for optimal performance.

Optical fiber termination comes in different varieties. Hence, working with a highly experienced team is vital to adapt easily to an environment presented by the situation. Whether you have a 24-counts fiber going into a single place or various entry applications with various terminations such as a data center, our experts will ensure that everything comes together.

  • Telecom and CATV Splicing
  • Data Center Installation
  • FTTxSinglemode OSP Cable
  • Premise Singlemode/ Multimode optical fiber installation

Cabletecs can help you with everything related to optical fiber installation and termination from underground and aerial premise splicing. We will recognize the performance, sustainability, and security requirements of a project to efficiently meet your business needs.

we install data cabling in adelaide
IP Phones/ Telephone Cabling
we install data cabling in adelaide
NBN Cabling we install data cabling in adelaide Network Sockets
we install data cabling in adelaide
  MDF/IDF Terminations and New Design
we install data cabling in adelaide
  Data Cabinets and Racks we install data cabling in adelaide NBN Setup and Restorations
we install data cabling in adelaide
  Cabling Repairs
we install data cabling in adelaide
  Office Relocations we install data cabling in adelaide Wireless Access Points
we install data cabling in adelaide   Data and Structure Cabling
we install data cabling in adelaide
  EFTpos Sockets we install data cabling in adelaide Smart Home Automations
we install data cabling in adelaide
  Aiphone Intercom Systems
we install data cabling in adelaide
  Cable Certification we install data cabling in adelaide TV Anetnnas and Foxtel
we install data cabling in adelaide
  Point to Point Wireless Links
we install data cabling in adelaide
  SCADA Machinery Cabling we install data cabling in adelaide Remote CCTV Solutions
we install data cabling in adelaide   Bosch Security Systems
we install data cabling in adelaide
  Cat6a /Cat7 / Cat8 Installations we install data cabling in adelaide Site Telecommunicaiton Audits
we install data cabling in adelaide
  Dahua and Hikvision CCTV
we install data cabling in adelaide
  Fibre Optic Termination / Installations we install data cabling in adelaide HD Distribution


 Data Cabling Adelaide and Data Cablers Adelaide

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